They call me Anna(belle)

Welcome to my blog and welcome to my life.  Those closest to me call me Annabelle.

My life is not perfect.  I am not simple.  I cry at random, unpredictable moments--during songs, movies, books.  I laugh when I am uncomfortable.  I love with a fervor.

I am 35.  I married my true love 13 years and nearly 5 months ago.  I knew I loved him almost 18 years ago when he took me in his arms at 17 years old and kissed my lips for the first time.  We had been good friends for nearly four years and that first kiss and embrace sealed our fate together.

I am mama to three amazing, clever, energetic, strong daughters who have taught me more about myself, life, imagination, and dreaming than I could ever have hoped for.  We also share our home and hearts with our four rescue babies--Buddy (4 yr old black lab mix & litter runt); Koda (1 yr old black lab mix abandoned at 6 weeks in an apartment); Griffin & Keira (9 yr old yellow tabby cat siblings)--all of whom we rescued between the ages of 6 and 8 weeks old over the course of the past 10 years.

I spent the past ten years in social work working with individuals with disabilities and severe mental illness.  I have owned a small licensed business in NY for the past six years.  Once we are settled in New Jersey, I hope to focus on my Etsy photography shop, which will donate to and support organizations that help rescue animals.

My struggles with anxiety and food intolerance began when most girls were still learning to ride bikes and developing their first crushes.  My intense propensity for words, literature, poetry, prayer, and photography rooted themselves deep within me at a very young age.

I pray all day, every day, and have for as long as I can remember.  I pray for strangers; for family; for friends; for all the lost, lonely, suffering souls in the world; for the words to expel my emotions adequately; for the photographs to encompass and release my vision of the world and my struggles, hopes, dreams, loves.

Welcome to this chapter of my story.  I hope to someday, somehow share in yours.  I hope today brings you a sliver of sunlight; a ray of hope; a glimmer of a day ahead that bears strength, courage, joy, and a renewed sense of connectivity and purpose--a reason to wake up, get out of bed, make a difference in the lives of those you touch.  I pray you know you that you matter.  Do you know how much you matter? Do you realize how much you are loved?


  1. Anna, you jump into life wholeheartedly, and I pray your whole heart will be filled to overflowing with the Lord's love and compassion in this new phase of your life!


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