Anchored in Grace

Da Grazia {By Grace}

A rushed breath, 
a pulse of pain, 
blood releases within

an anchor emerges
save the soul astray
darkness she purges

The heart beats swiftly
amidst clouds skipping
along a summer sky
rising and flipping

She bears a cross 
both dead and alive
where old and new
breech and cross the paths of time

Grace overcomes
where faith abides
Infinite strands 
merge as they collide

She is set free
unlocked by the golden key
hearts aflame
in love with the rocking sea

And what of she
you inquire effortlessly
by grace I survive
she answers breathlessly.

My second tattoo (pictured above)--a birthday gift this year as I turned 35.  The infinity anchor with a key, hearts, cross, and infinity knot hidden within its core are a daily reminder of all the years I have survived all of life's obstacles; of how unconditional God's love, mercy, and grace are; of all that and who anchor, bind, ground, and inspire me. 


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